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All 80s Music Radio - Columbia Missouri

The very best 80s just for you. You'll hear great 80s music that's not played on FM radio.

With over 2,000 songs in our library you're sure to hear a blast from the past.

Weekday Shows

The John and Heidi Show - 6am

Jay Williams - 10am

Terry Dean - 2pm

The Electric Radio Show - 6pm (Friday's)

Saturday Shows

Totally Awesome 80s with Kent Jones- 7am

KTodd 80s with Todd Chambless - Noon

The 80s Time Warp with Gonzo Gates - 2pm

The Rock Circus Radio Show with Jay Ryan - 4pm

The Crashman Show with Vic St. John - 6pm

Sunday Shows

The John and Heidi Show - 7am

Takin' Ya Back with Kurt David - 2pm

The 80s Vault with Gonzo Gates - 3pm

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